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The RE Curriculum

Jesus is Immanuel - God with us

R.E. is at the heart of Christian distinctiveness at Immanuel & St Andrew.

As a church school and part of the Southwark Diocese Board of Education, we promote R.E. as not just an academic subject but as one that “lies at the very heart of the curriculum and has an important role in reflecting and conveying the distinctively Christian character of the school” .

As a Voluntary Aided Church of England school the Governors are responsible for the R.E. curriculum and ensure it is timetabled and delivered each week. The school complies to the Statement of Entitlement provided by the Church of England Education Office.


As a member of the SDBE we follow their syllabus for R.E. throughout the school. This is supplemented with ideas from Discovery R.E. and Understanding Christianity. The curriculum is divided into two thirds of Christianity units and one third teaching of other religions. All units reflect the two attainment targets (Attainment Target 1 – Learning About Religion; Attainment Target 2 – Learning From Religion). By following these targets, we ensure as a school that we develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that pupils at different stages of their learning at our school are expected to have.

Through the consistent high quality teaching and delivery of RE, the pupils at Immanuel & St Andrew feel inspired and recognise that they have the opportunities to explore their own and others religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs and cultural traditions in a positive and constructive way showing respect for all faiths. Each R.E. lesson begins with a reflection to help ensure children see R.E. as more than an academic subject.

The Senior Leadership and the Faith and Values Lead have responsibility for the teaching and learning of R.E. across the school. There are robust monitoring procedures (lesson observations, pupil voice, learning walks, work scrutinies) to ensure that R.E. is taught well and children have the best learning experience. The Faith and Values Lead also provides regular CPD training for staff. 

R.E. Displays Around the School

At Immanuel & St Andrew we firmly believe that a stimulating classroom environment supports children’s love of learning. There is a Faith and Values display in each classroom as well as high quality displays around the school. These displays reflect the learning from the curriculum and are celebrated with the same weight as English and Maths.

Big Questions

At Immanuel we promote the Big Question approach to R.E. We encourage staff and children to collaborate with each other in a philosophical enquiry, to grow in understanding, not only of the material world, but also of the personal and ethical world around them. The children learn negotiation and tolerance and become articulate, confident individuals through active discussion.


As a Church of England school we work towards the framework for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) under Section 48 of the Education Act. SIAMS inspection focuses on the impact of a school’s Christian vision on pupils and adults. More information about SIAMS can be found here

Our last SIAMS inspection was in December 2014 where we were judged to be Outstanding. 

Aims of R.E.

  • Apply an understanding of Christianity to make informed and reasoned responses to life issues and moral choices
  • Develop some knowledge and understanding of other principal world religions, particularly those represented in our community
  • Develop the ability to reflect on and communicate with others’ issues of truth, belief and faith
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and the Anglican tradition through a study of the Bible, Christian Festivals and Christian values

R.E. Quality Mark

At Immanuel & St Andrew we are continually striving for excellence. To support this, we are working towards achieving the R.E. Quality Mark which acknowledges and celebrates outstanding R.E. More information can be found on their website.

Inclusion and the Right of Parental Withdrawal

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship as identified in the Education Act 1944 and in subsequent legislations. Immanuel & St Andrew is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School where Christian values and principles underpin the whole curriculum. In order to preserve the distinctiveness of this church school community, we encourage everyone to be involved in the religious education and collective worship. Parents who have concerns about this should discuss them with the Chair of Governors and the Headteacher before their children are admitted to the school.


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