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Immanuel & St Andrew is a member of the family of Church Schools in the Diocese of Southwark. Whilst our local authority – Lambeth Council – provides funding for day- to-day expenses, such as staff salaries, curriculum resources and general premises costs, the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) helps us to maintain, manage and improve our school buildings.

In recent years, funding from the SDBE has allowed us to:

  • Replace the fencing around the perimeter of the school to ensure the security and safeguarding of the school and the children
  • Replace the fencing around the ball court to ensure the safety of the children whilst playing
  • Purchase new IT equipment for all teachers to ensure they can provide high quality teaching

To help our school continue our membership within the SDBE maintenance fund, we ask all parents to contribute an annual amount of £30 per child (£15 for part time nursery children) through Arbor. This is a vital contribution to the School to ensure that we can continue upgrading our buildings and equipment to improve the facilities offered for the children. This does not need to paid all at once – it can be paid throughout the year if this suits your finances better.