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Our Enrichment Curriculum

 Our Enrichment Curriculum takes children beyond the classroom, exposing them to a wealth of new experiences that build self-esteem, resilience and confidence and provides them with valuable skills to succeed in life. Each opportunity encourages children to discover and develop their talents, allowing them to flourish and broaden their understanding of themselves and their wider community. A well-balanced combination of academic and enrichment learning increases the willingness to take risk, develops social interaction, boosts confidence and enhances the development of leadership skills. It has also been found to provide pupils with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that are needed to be successful in a rapidly globalising world. By abandoning the classroom and facing new challenges in an environment where risk-taking is nurtured and supported, our pupils learnt o work in teams and take the initiative. This produces a resilient, versatile and adaptable child who is a competent all-rounder. 


Enrichment at Immanuel 

Events and Experiences

Through our annual calendar of events, children’s understanding and appreciation of different themes develops as they progress throughout the school.

Each year, International and Black History Weeks enhance the ongoing recognition of our community by celebrating different cultures within the school and around the world.

A particular favourite of the children’s is the Christmas Concert, which provides a showcase for their talents ranging from singing and dancing to gymnastics and comedy.

In addition, termly family worships encourage the children to develop their confidence in public speaking whilst gaining a deeper understanding of our school values.

Significant anniversaries and national events are also recognised through exciting immersive experiences, which have recently seen the school transformed into the Empire Windrush and World War One trenches.  

Throughout the current school year the following events are celebrated annually:

  • International Week
  • Black History Week
  • Remembrance 
  • Christmas Concert
  • Community Carol Singing
  • Nativity – Reception and Year 2
  • Easter Production – Year 4
  • Summer Production – Year 6
  • Class family worships 
  • Forest School
  • Year 4/5 and Year 6 School Journeys
  • Sports Day

To complement our new curriculum, children gain memorable first-hand experiences through visits and workshops that excite and inspire their imaginations, fueling their thirst for learning.