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National Offer Day

You will have received the outcome of your Reception Class application on Tuesday 19th April 2022.  If you have not been allocated the school of your choice and wish for your child's name to be put on our waiting list, please email indicating this.

As indicated in the general advice on the Lambeth primary admissions webpage, it is advisable that you accept the offer of the school your child has been allocated.

Our waiting list will not be available until after Monday 16th May.  After this date, if you wish to inquire what position your child is on our waiting list, please email 

You will wish to note that their position on our waiting list is not fixed and can go up or down at any point, e.g. if a child with a higher eligibility criteria joins the waiting list your child's position will go down.


If your child has been allocated a place at our school, we will be in touch with you after the Monday 16th May with details about the induction process. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Immanuel Family!