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House Teams


Immanuel Mountain Teams

At Immanuel every child is part of a Mountain Team:






Mountains were chosen as they are often where rivers begin and all our classes are named after rivers. Our Mountain teams help to improve pupil relationships, particularly between year groups and to foster a sense of community. Children are divided into each house to give a mix of ages and gender; siblings are part of the same house team.  Every team has a staff team captain and a year 6 team rep.

Every pupil can earn points for their mountain team on a daily basis by showing excellent behaviour and learning attitudes. Team points are collected weekly and celebrated during Friday Assemblies.  The team with the most points at the end of a term receive a reward.

The opportunity to work together as mountain teams occur termly through Mountain days.

 Weekly House Point Log 

Everest - 7447  

Kilimanjaro - 6927 

Denali - 4816   

Aconcagua - 9889 

Blanc - 9965