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Immanuel Rivers

A river is a representation of a child’s learning journey. As a river flows it gains more water from other streams, rivers, springs and rainfall and as children grow they gain more knowledge, experience and understanding through their education. That is why at Immanuel all our classes, rooms and buildings are named after Rivers. 

We also have a visual representation of a river that starts at our own water source in the Early Years playground and meanders around to the Key stage two playground. This river is there to remind children of a river journey that has many twist, turns and obstacles but always successfully reaches it end destination bigger, stronger and with lots of experience. 

The river names have been chosen so that our younger children are represented by the rivers closest to our location and our older children by rivers furthest away.  We selected rivers from across the world to support children’s geographical understanding.

Click into your child's class below to find out more about their learning.

Nursery- Effra and Graveney 



 Click here for Nursery's learning journey

Reception- Thames and Wandle



 Click here for Reception's learning journe

 Year 1- Seine and Vistula





 Click here for Year 1's learning journey

Year 2- Congo and Euphrates 




 Click here for Year 2's learning journey

 Year 3- Indus and Saskatchewan




 Click here for Year 3's learning journey


 Year 4- Dunns and Orinoco




 Click here for Year 4's learning journey

 Year 5- Ganges and Ruaha




 Click here for Year 5's learning journey


 Year 6- Waikato and Zambezi




 Click here for Year 6's learning journey