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Breakfast Club and Afters

At Breakfast Club and Afters we aim to provide a high quality provision that meets the needs of both parents and children.  For parents, this means knowing that your child is safe and happy and that we offer a reliable, high quality and consistent service in line with the school's values and aims.

For a child this means an environment that is safe, supportive and engaging. It is a place to be with friends as well as make new ones, to be able to try out new activities, relax if they choose and to have fun.

In Breakfast Club and Afters, we believe that all children have the right to play. Play is the basis to providing healthy development and the well being of individuals.  Both Breakfast Club and Afters provide a balanced structure of activities and play experiences. 

In September 2021, we launched Afters for Early Years (Nursery / Reception), which is held in the Early Years building and playground. This will provide a specialist level of care for these young children. Children will receive their light meal within the Early Years space, and activities will be planned appropriate to this age group. 


Breakfast Club: From 7:30am

£6 per session (£6.50 for adhoc sessions)

Open to all children from Nursery - Year 6


Early Years Afters Club: Until 6:00pm

£17.30 per session (£21.60 for adhoc sessions)

Open to children in Nursery - Reception


Afters Club: Until 6:00pm

£15 per session (£20.50 for adhoc sessions)

Open to children in Year 1 - Year 6


If you wish to request a new place, change your current booking, or request an adhoc booking, please complete the following form: 

Breakfast and Afters change request form


Terms and Conditions & Information Booklet

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