Our Vision and Mission


At Immanuel we all work together to nurture and challenge each individual child through our tailored provision. We have high expectations of learning and behaviour and regularly celebrate achievement, collaboration and effort.


 Our enriching curriculum provides a broad range of inspirational learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  We engage children in their learning through interesting and relevant topics, reinforcing the skills and qualities necessary to develop their personal character, sense of community and spirituality.  We encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour, promoting independence through exploration, questioning and decision-making. 


 As members of the school community, children work collaboratively and are encouraged to take on roles and responsibilities in the classroom and across the school.  They participate in a wide range of school events and activities which support their all-round development and provide them with opportunities to model our Christian Values.


By demonstrating our Christian values, children at Immanuel will develop a love of learning, independence, skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their potential and become well-balanced, resilient, active members of our community.


 Respect; Perseverance; Love; Peace; Forgiveness; Kindness; Thankfulness; Honesty; Trust; Courage; Hope; Joy; Friendship.


We take every opportunity to remind and encourage our children to demonstrate the school values at all times and display the values around the school environment.

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