French Resources - YouTube

Dear Parents/ Carers


It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet with you on our recent consultation evenings and I would like to thank you for speaking with me and discussing our French curriculum at Immanuel.


Many of you wished to support your children in this area of the curriculum at home and nurture their interest in the French Language and culture. I have come up with a way in which you can do this allowing you to assist your child in practicing their French listening, speaking and reading skills.


I have created a few "Read aloud French books" with English subtitles. As an

"amuse-bouches" I initially offer a selection of short stories, read by me, that the children will be able to listen to and repeat/ turn the sound down and read/or simply listen to the story and enjoy." Please find these in the Video Resource Centre   Below are also some YouTube links. 

I hope you enjoy these with your children as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I look forward to finding out how you get on.


Ms. F. Gomez (French Teacher)

Le livre de la jungle

Description of images with focus on relative clause.

Loup voyage

MFL French work with year 6

La Chenille qui fait des trous

French version of "The hungry caterpillar" by Year 3 children.

"Ours brun, dis-moi" Year 3 French-Art project.

Year 3 French-MFL and Art project based on Eric Carl´s book: "Ours brun."

Quel temps fait-il?

Weather forecast in MFL French.

Braves Soldats

Poem learnt in MFL French for Remembrance Day.

Le petit Prince chapitre 6

Listening comprehension MFL French on "The Little Prince" text.

Year 6 postcard 1

reading French

Year 6 postcard 2

reading French

French Holiday Postcard reading 3

Reading of postcard in French

Loup qui voulait voyager: Paris.

French read aloud. From the book: "Mes histoires de Loup" (My stories of Wolf) Loup qui voulait voyager- Paris.