Equality Act 2010

Our vision for equality


Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a duty to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations between everyone who studies at and works in our school. We embrace these principles and we aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and able to participate fully in school life. We welcome the opportunity to publish information about our efforts to comply with our duties under this act and to share our objectives.


Realising the vision


The following are some of the methods that we use to realise our equality vision:


·         The school gathers information on the pupil population broken down by ethnicity and gender(click here to view the results of our most recent annual school census)


·         On a termly basis the school gathers information about differences in attainment between girls and boys, between pupils of different ethnic backgrounds and of different educational needs.  (click here for the latest census data for the school)  


·          The school analyses this information and produces action plans to share with staff and governors to address any identified attainment gaps

(click here to view action plans and relevant governing body committee minutes)


·         The school then targets resources, including the use of Pupil Premium money, to specific groups to close any identified attainment gaps. (click here to see more detail about how the pupil premium is used at Immanuel to target support to closing identified attainment gaps)


·         A senior member of staff, Mrs Jackson our Inclusion Manager,has special responsibility for equality matters. (click here  to view our ‘Who’s Who’s’ of school staff )


·         We use our shared mission statement to ensure that we embrace our diverse community. We do this in a range of ways that aim to increase understanding and invite others to feel part of the school community. For example, we participate in national projects such as Black History Week, focus on raising money for different charities that promote equality as well as tracking all school events to evaluate their inclusivity ( See document below for further information about our efforts)


·         We make every effort to ensure that all activities and facilities are accessible in a way that prevents indirect discrimination. For example, the school provides non-gender specific toilets in consideration of the protected characteristic of gender reassignment. (click here for minutes of governing body committees & meetings where applicable decision have been taken)


·         We have clear procedures for dealing with prejudice-related bullying and incidents.

(click here to view our Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies)


·         We adopt good equal opportunities practice in the recruitment and promotion of staff, both teaching and administrative. (click here for recruitment information and equal opportunity statements, used to promote equality across our workforce)


·         We are in the process of finalising and adopting a school policy on equality (see attached policy)


Our objectives in the Act are currently:


·         We aim to narrow the gap in attainment in across all groups to bring equity and parity. For 2012-13 this will include closing the gap for the attainment of our free school meal children to nil across all year groups.


·         We want to promote an improved sense of shared belonging in the school and in the community. We will do this by covering equality issues in the curriculum, addressing in particular tackling prejudice and promoting community cohesion and mutual understanding.  Our pupil survey 2013 will record 100% success in this area.


·         By the autumn term governing body meeting (December 2012) we will have fully reviewed and completed the re-drafting of our school Equality Policy for formal adopting and embedding across the school.


·         Following on from the Equality Policy being finalised, we will complete a full review of our other policies to ensure that there is reference, where appropriate, to our equality vision and duties. This will be completed in time for policy ratification and adopting by the full governing body in our spring term meeting





Date of this review:                September 2012



Signed by:                               ………………………………………………… (Chair of Governors)



                                                ………………………………………………… (Headteacher)



This statement will be re-reviewed – April 2013