The Immanuel Curriculum

Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary School

“Excellence for all. Excellence from all.”


At Immanuel and St Andrew Primary School, the pupil’s safety, happiness, learning and achievement drives everything that we do. We value all children equally and every individual’s unique contribution regardless of age, faith, cultural background, gender identity, disability or background of beliefs. Diversity, equality and unity are central to our ethos. To that end our School Christian Values and British Values underpin all that we do.

At Immanuel and St Andrew we understand the importance of our curriculum in playing a vital role in ensuring we achieve “Excellence for all. Excellence from all.” We continually promote challenge for all our children through a broad, balanced and rich Immanuel Curriculum which is creative and inclusive for all our pupils.

We are committed to high academic standards, high expectations and high aspirations which drives our mantra “Excellence for all. Excellence from all.”

Our Immanuel School Christian values are embedded in our delivery of the National Curriculum, through which we nurture our children to enable them to grow in their faith, become high academic achievers, develop enquiring minds and take responsibility by being global citizens. Our role, in partnership with parents, is to build the foundations for a successful education, to enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them to fulfil every aspect of their potential and to encourage their growth into effective citizens, ready to play their part in the world and their community.

The Immanuel Curriculum includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum as well as the enrichment programme the school organises to strive to provide a world-class education.

The national curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said, and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.”

While following the National Curriculum, we ensure our pupils enjoy their learning by encouraging creativity and links across all curriculum areas wherever possible. Through a rich and engaging curriculum, we motivate our learners to accumulate skills for life: children are encouraged to learn through enquiry and curiosity, drawing on real-life experiences to develop their skills as well as their knowledge.

We actively promote our learning behaviours of: Perseverance and Resilience; Cooperation and Collaboration; Zeal and Effort; Readiness and Resourcefulness.

We actively promote the British Values of: Democracy; Individual Liberty; Rule of Law; Tolerance of beliefs.

By the time pupils are ready to leave Immanuel and are ready for their transition to Secondary Education, we aim for all our pupils to have the confidence, resilience and maturity to face all changes ahead of their next stage in education. We expect them to have developed:

  • A love of reading
  • A thirst to ask questions
  • Positive relationships
  • Exceptional behaviour
  • An ability to problem solve
  • Key Math and Literacy skills
  • A love of learning.

We fulfil our aims and objectives through:

  • An enriched, text-led curriculum (please see individual year group curriculum maps).
  • The promotion of living a healthy and safe lifestyle through programmes such as Bike it, Workshops “Growing Against Violence” and having a rich and full sporting programme.
  • Implementing enrichment projects such as Children’s University; Residential Trips for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6; relevant and stimulating trips to places such as Godstone Farm, London Zoo, The Royal Courts of Justice and museums such as The Imperial War Museum.
  • We currently have an Artist leading our Creative Curriculum, a Native-French speaker teaching our children French, a Drama specialist supporting our whole school productions and drama in school, music specialists in strings and singing and specialist sports coaches working with our pupils.
  • Developing pupil leadership responsibilities such as School Council, Monitors and Immanuel School Ambassadors.
  • We follow a number of frameworks to support our learning for example: for phonics we use a combination of Letters and Sounds and Read, Write Inc., for handwriting we use the Pen Pals Programme, for maths we use the White Rose Maths Scheme of Work and we draw upon the CLPE Power of Reading texts to support our English.

For more information on the National Curriculum, please follow the attached link.




At Immanuel we are undertaking a curriculum review to carefully design, plan and implement a curriculum that provides breadth, balance and depth of learning. Through careful analysis and discussion about our pupils’ backgrounds, life experience and culture, we aim to design a curriculum and identity key priorities that ensure our Immanuel Curriculum is full, rich and inspires pupils to learn. Review starting in 2017-2018.