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Outdoor Learning

Our Vision

At Immanuel, Outdoor learning is designed to enrich and enhance the children's in-school learning experiences. Children also have opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills which link closely to successful learning.


Outdoor Learning at Immanuel

The aim for Outdoor Learning at Immanuel is to give children the opportunities to learn not only in a different environment, but to learn about the environment and how we can all make positive changes to our everyday lives in order to help it. Respecting our planet and all life on it is closely linked to our whole school values.


  • Experience learning in the outdoor environment
  • Lower school to attend forest school
  • Eco-Club
  • Extended playground activities for KS2


Our Approach and Aim

We have previously been awarded a Bronze Medal by the official Eco-School Committee. At Immanuel we want to develop this further by aiming for the top award. Eco-Warriors from each year group have been selected to form a committee with an aim to educate the rest of the school in all things environmental!

Forest School sessions will give our younger learners the opportunity to experience some exciting activities such as fire starting, stick measuring and flower pressing.

For EYFS, the outside is a great space for learning and provides children with lots of opportunities to explore and engage with things on a large scale, which isn’t always possible indoors.   Our outdoor environment enables children to access all areas of the EYFS curriculum as well as providing a safe space to develop the Characteristics of Effective Learning. Learning outdoors enables children to look closely at their environment, noticing changes and making comparisons.  It also allows them to explore growing things and we work alongside our school gardener to plant and grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Children have the chance to enjoy digging, searching for mini-beasts, running and climbing as well as having quiet areas to read, talk and reflect.