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Who's Who

 Who’s Who at Immanuel & St Andrew School


Phase 1 Leader:                                                Mrs Michelle McCormack      

Nursery Effra Class:                                           Miss Caroline Ridley

Reception Thames Class:                                  Mr Joseph Chappell

Reception Wandle Class:                                   Mrs Michelle McCormack

Phase 2 Leader:                                                Mrs Lizzy Houlder

Year One Seine Class:                                       Miss Francesca Galea

Year One Vistula Class:                                     Miss Dorothy Fallon

Year Two Euphrates Class:                                Mrs Lizzy Houlder

Year Two Congo Class:                                      Miss Suzie Heir

Year Three Indus Class:                                     Miss Jennifer Asbury

Year Three Saskatchewan Class:                      Miss Alex Meredith

Phase 3 Leader:                                                Mrs Laura Nelson (maternity leave)

                                                                            Miss Rebecca Lewis

Year Four Dunns Class:                                     Miss Gemma Melhuish

Year Four Orinoco Class:                                   Mrs Laura Nelson (maternity leave)

                                                                 Mrs Sarah Pressey & Ms Alex Stylianou

Year Five Ganges Class:                                    Miss Rebecca Lewis

Year Five Ruaha Class:                                      Miss Leah Wooldridge

Year Six Waikato Class:                                     Miss Rebecca Edmunds

Year Six Zambezi Class:                                    Miss Salome Nyende


Additional teachers:       Mrs Jay Allardyce                  0.3           (one to one tuition across the week)

               Miss Emma Armstrong          0.6           (Acting Inclusion Manager – Mon-Wed) (maternity leave)

               Ms Kasia Leszkiewicz           0.4            (Inclusion Consultant)

               Miss Fabiana Gomez            1.0           (specialist Art teacher & French provision)


Assistant Headteacher:  Mrs Hollie Appleton (maternity leave)                                                                     

Deputy Headteacher:      Mrs Briege Ward (Interim Deputy)

Headteacher:                   Mrs Bronia Grehan


In the office:                     Miss Vivien Hamilton                             (acting School Business Manager)

Mrs Janet Naghten                                 (School Office Manager)                                       

Mrs Serena McDonagh                          (acting Administration Officer)

                                         Miss Demera Broderick                         (temporary contract)


Across Early Years classes:     Mrs Rose Hussain                       Mrs Sharmila Humphreys

                                                  Ms Letisha Williams                   Mrs Frances McGranaghan


Pastoral Support Team:             Pastoral Team Manager            Mrs Lisa Oakley

                                                   Pastoral Team                           Mr Jonathan Smith

                                                   Pastoral Team                            Mr Mannie Harding

                                                   Parent and Family Liaison         Mrs Barbara Jones Henry


Across classes:                         Mrs Ranjana Bhagwan                           0.4

          Mrs Ros Blakemore                                0.8 (Mon-Thurs)

          Mrs Fadela Bouacha                              

          Mr Kenrick Dwyer

          Miss Rabia Abdul-Khabeer

          Miss Letisha Morris

          Miss Michelle Hawkey                          

          Mr Neil Holmes

          Mrs Aisha Lone

          Mr Ian Roberts

        Miss Edwina Sesay


         Miss Hayley Curran                                

         Miss Gayle Horton                 (temporary SEN contract)

         Mrs Wendy Fordham             (temporary contract)


At lunchtimes only:                   Mrs Shaheen Hussain; Mrs Tatina Laud; Mrs Fatema Ali; Miss Gayle Horton;

         Miss Neelam Omar


Premises Officer:                      Mr Harrison Ighalo