Welcome to Wandle Reception Class


Focus on Five!

We had a class focus on five, as lots of us will be five years old on our next birthday. We discovered that there were different ways of making 5, such as three plus 2 and 4 plus 1. We realised that we have five fingers on each hand. We also looked at how to write the number 5 – “A stick then a tummy, a hat up high, that’s the way we make a five!”

The Cave

This is our cave. It’s very dark and gloomy in the cave. We talked about the things we see at night time and how the dark makes us feel. We have done lots of writing about the dark this term.


We do phonics every day! We are excited to learn phonics because it’ will help us with our reading and writing. We are getting very good at reading and writing our Tricky Words.

The Mysterious Hole

We noticed a mysterious hole in our ceiling. We had lots of ideas about what could have caused it. Could it be a monster? A cat with sharp claws? We decided to write letters to the builders to ask them to come and fix it.


We love books in Wandle Class and are learning to read by ourselves. Every week we get to read with an adult at school and take a book home to share with our families.


We write everywhere! We often get whiteboards out of the drawer or write on the easel to practice our letters.