Thames Reception Class

In Thames class we have had a very busy first year so far and we have been involved in lots of exciting activities. We have listed some of them below and have added some photographs for you to enjoy.


Tree of kindness

Children worked together to make a class family tree. They enjoyed drawing their self-portraits and decorating the tree. As a class we brainstormed a name for the tree, and decided upon ‘Tree of Kindness’. We spoke about the meaning of kindness, and how our class is a family, linking it to the importance of the school values.


Own Den

This term the children enjoyed learning about night and day, with a focus on nocturnal animals and sources of light. The role play area enabled children to explore night time and use their imagination, with a log, camp fire, torches, and nocturnal animals.


Literacy- ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’

As a class we read the story ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’, we explored the differences between night and day, discussed things we like about night time. The children enjoyed re-telling the story in their writing, focussing on what the cat said to the owl about the dark.