School Council

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2017-2018 School Council


Waikato Class – Radha and Amelie

Zambezi Class – Piotr and Aine

Ruaha Class – Abigail and Tieni

Ganges Class- Niamh and Uzman

Dunns Class– Leo and Leah

Orinoco Class- Sophia and Hannah

Indus Class- Maia and Neville

Saskatchewan Class—Hugo and Lucas

School Council Action Plan 2017-2018


School Council Meet with Governors

This week the school’s governors asked to meet with School Council to hear how children felt about their voice being heard while at school. Each Council representative confidently spoke about the communication procedure, which they had put in place, to ensure that all children at Immanuel have an opportunity to have their voice heard and share what changes they would like to see in their school.

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South Lambeth Schools Partnership Pupil Voice Project


Four members from the school council joined with members of school councils from partnership schools to discuss and make decisions on a group community project, which they will work on throughout the year.

The Children decided that they wanted to work on the ‘Scare Hunger’ project. They will meet regularly to plan different ways in which they can raise awareness to community hunger and support families within the community. Each school agreed that their initial task would be to ask parents to bring food in to support local food banks.

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Keeping Our School Safe


School Council, along with the Junior Travel Ambassadors, worked alongside Father Nature to plant flowers and herbs in our two new planter which Lambeth kindly provided. These planters will help to make it safer for our children to cross the road.

Quotes from the Children

“I had so much fun doing this and I’ve learnt lots of things about plants”

“I’ve never planted anything before, I want to do it again!”