Welcome to Year 5 Ganges’ Class



In year we have been looking at the Victorian way of life and to add to our learning we went on a class visit to The Ragged School Museum.


Ganges’ Class Visit to The Ragged School Museum.


On Monday 11th December, Year 5 visited The Ragged School Museum in Mile End. The museum was opened in 1990 in the premises of the former Dr Barnardo's Copperfield Road Ragged School. We absolutely loved our trip to The Ragged School Museum and learnt so much! We were treated like Victorian children and took part in a Victorian lesson. It was terrifying at times! We were expected to recite lots of facts, not fidget and keep our backs straights, all at the same time! Then, we found out all about poor Victorian housing. These experiences really helped us to develop an understanding about how it would have felt to live in the Victorian era. All the children were excellently well behaved and were a credit to the school.


“I enjoyed the museum because it taught me what a Victorian child’s life was like!” Harriet, Ganges Class.


“I really liked the Ragged School Museum, as it taught me what life was like at home in the Victorian times! It was so fun!” Jabari, Ganges Class.


“I liked the Ragged School Museum because I now know about the olden days and how it was very strict at school – you really had to listen!” Shailon, Ganges Class.