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Where can I buy Uniform?

You purchase uniform from Mapac online at www.mapac.com


How can I register my child for Afters?

Complete an Afters application form which is available from the school office which is then processed by our School Business Manager.


How can I register my child for Breakfast Club?

Breakfast Club is a drop in service, so there is no need to book. The charge is £2.50 per day payable via ParentPay (www.parentpay.com)


Where do I pay for Trips, Dinners etc, info on ParentPay?

We do not accept cash or cheques as we are a cashless school, so all payments are made online via ParentPay.  You will be given an individual code for your children so you can manage your own payments.


How can I apply for my child to attend this school (Admissions info)?

Complete the application form(s) that can be found at the school office and the local authority application form. Admissions criteria is found admission section of our website or on the paper application form.


What do I do if my child is sick/has medicine?

Please call the school office by 9.00am and leave a message that your child is unwell and call every morning that they are absent. Bring a letter upon their return to explain the absence. Prescribed medicines can be administered by staff if you complete a consent form found at the school office.


How can I apply for Special Leave?

Please complete a Special Leave form found at the school office. Each case will be reviewed on its merit and you will receive a response from the Office.

What additional provision is there (After School Clubs)?

We run a comprehensive additional clubs provision for Years 1 - 6. Information and opportunity to enrol is given on a termly basis.


How can I volunteer at the school?

Email the School Business Manager sbm@immanuelschoollambeth.org.uk with your contact details and the days you are available.