Welcome to Congo Class

Congo class share a motto which we believe can get us through the trickiest of situations, ‘There is nothing you cannot do in Congo!’

This motto incorporates many of our school values, which encourage us to investigate, ask questions and feel safe all at the same time. We all have individual learning targets which we are happy to share with anyone, but together, we are learning to work together as a team, to succeed together and see the benefits of talking and listening to each other carefully. We love talking about our differences, but in this class, we share the same views of treating everyone with respect and showing kindness to everyone.

We are becoming such independent learners and are becoming brilliant at solving big and little problems on our own or in groups every day.

We have a jam packed year in which we will become the most imaginative story-tellers, magical mathematicians, crazy scientists as well as animal activists and eco-warriors!

We love to go on trips that help immerse us into our creative curriculum here at Immanuel. Have a look at us in action!


Congo Class in Action